Making construction a friendly place free of the stereotypes. (are you dependable?)

**Ever wonder why contractors are considered a bit unreliable?

Well, in case you were wondering or if you are a contractor and think that this does not apply to you, you are sorely mistaken.  There are reasons and they may not pertain particularly to you personally, but they are industry wide and I see it in the customer’s eyes almost daily when meeting with new clients.

People are surprised when you call ahead, show up on time, perform as promised or even follow up.  I am over trying to convince myself that the industry isn’t considered flaky, because it is. Like it or not, in general, contractors do not run good business and as one guy may offer a quality product, he fails to provide the complete service that is needed or because a customer is skeptical feels that it is acceptable to perform as expected.

There is help.  Many contractors have done business “the old way” for so long that they may not be aware of all of the online services that are designed to help the small businessman.  Everything from office administration, marketing and even scheduling services all for a fraction of the cost of having a full or part time employee on staff.

Make use of the tools that are available not only in the tool box but on the laptop!

Find the help that you need

Construction trade consultation as well as small business focus and marketing coaching.

Tom Sorenson


Are you waiting for traffic to drive by to see your business? Or, are you driving targeted traffic to you business? Advertising in today’s market has changed and will keep changing…

The “old days” of advertising would make a local ad on a billboard or in “hard print” work as the traffic would stream by for hours a day exposing an ad to thousands and thousands of passers by.  If your ad was clever enough, it would draw the attention of the onlooker and prompt them or spur some interest.  Makes sense, I guess…If you are a company like Pepsi or Nike or some sort of recognizable corporate logo.   …but your not and chances are that your driver isn’t ready with a pen and paper to write your tag or email address or phone #.  Oh, and by the way, if the passenger is looking out the window at all, its not to get information off of a billboard ad…they are most likely consumed by the latest App or Social Media post and responding to that!

So, wouldn’t it make sense to advertise there instead?  Especially when you can target specifically the person, age group, location, gender, income range, interest and so on and so on?  Exactly!  So lets focus our business there and get the traffic stopping at an add that gives value directly to the market that will drive your sales and not a “hit and miss” ad campaign.  Let’s save a bundle of advertising money by controlling your budget daily.

How about tracking it all as well to see where it goes daily instead of tracking annually?

Advertising in today’s New Market is now easier and cheaper than ever.

You just have to follow a plan with a new open mind to how things get done today.eb66ba38842c672438d21d52bce9598f

Getting paid for doing the things you love to do?

Are you getting paid for doing the things that you love to do?

Spend your weekends and time off getting a paycheck for posting your active life!

We all live with the dream of getting paid for doing the things that we love to do, don’t we?  I know that I have been to numerous sporting events,such as golf, football, baseball, basketball and hockey and thought…That has got to be the greatest job in the world.

Getting paid for doing what you love to do.  The dream of playing and getting paid to play sounds like something only for great athletes and superstars.

Now, with the new market and the new opportunities that are available to anyone that is willing to do the work, this opportunity is for anyone!  Lets take a look at someone like Tiger Woods.  Yes, he has to do the work, he has to put in the time but, he gets paid to be branded.  What is the logo that he is associated with?  You guessed it,NIKE.

We can help you with branding, marketing your brand and getting the leads that you need to help with the sales that will bring you the ability to spend your time doing what you love while your business is on autopilot.

That’s right, you can get paid doing what you love.  You will need to follow the leads of the greats to be most affective, such as getting a coach, getting the training and using the products that you endorse.

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Making the most of your advertising $ in todays market

One of today’s biggest challenges in growing a successful business is knowing where to spend your time and effort in marketing your business.

We have put together a 5 step strategy for branding and marketing your local business in one of the most undervalued and affordable social media markets out there in our fast moving, modern, always changing advertising world.

We have taken the guess work out of advertising and will show you how old and traditional ways of advertising such as hard print ads and publications are the biggest waste of advertising dollars and how they will never keep up with ever changing market targets.



Home Restoration business saves a world…


Stop Advertising like this!! offers Restoration of damages from Moisture intrusion into homes as well as FREE Moisture Analysis Inspections.

This company used to advertise for services and it’s unique (limited market) use of Infra-Red imaging helps us see through walls when necessary.

They have found the “new attitude” in marketing and are driving traffic to their website and converting website visitors to paying customers.


Its all right here.  Just follow our 5 step plan to advertising in today’s market and start spending your advertising money in a smarter, targeted, and track it daily to adjust your spending and lead flow.

Tom  grew up in California learning family values from a large family of 6.  The youngest of 4 children and a multitude diversity in business entrepreneurs among them, early on, Tom had recognized a need to provide a better SERVICE to entrepreneurs. was designed and developed to do just that as a primary focus within Marketing.

Now you are able to target your market specifically with accuracy that will save $.

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