Stop Advertising like this!!

HandyFixIt.com offers Restoration of damages from Moisture intrusion into homes as well as FREE Moisture Analysis Inspections.

This company used to advertise for services and it’s unique (limited market) use of Infra-Red imaging helps us see through walls when necessary.

They have found the “new attitude” in marketing and are driving traffic to their website and converting website visitors to paying customers.


Its all right here.  Just follow our 5 step plan to advertising in today’s market and start spending your advertising money in a smarter, targeted, and track it daily to adjust your spending and lead flow.

Tom  grew up in California learning family values from a large family of 6.  The youngest of 4 children and a multitude diversity in business entrepreneurs among them, early on, Tom had recognized a need to provide a better SERVICE to entrepreneurs. ThomasSorenson.com was designed and developed to do just that as a primary focus within Marketing.

Now you are able to target your market specifically with accuracy that will save $.

To schedule a personal 15 minute consultation, go to ThomasSorenson.com (use the online scheduler page)


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