The “old days” of advertising would make a local ad on a billboard or in “hard print” work as the traffic would stream by for hours a day exposing an ad to thousands and thousands of passers by.  If your ad was clever enough, it would draw the attention of the onlooker and prompt them or spur some interest.  Makes sense, I guess…If you are a company like Pepsi or Nike or some sort of recognizable corporate logo.   …but your not and chances are that your driver isn’t ready with a pen and paper to write your tag or email address or phone #.  Oh, and by the way, if the passenger is looking out the window at all, its not to get information off of a billboard ad…they are most likely consumed by the latest App or Social Media post and responding to that!

So, wouldn’t it make sense to advertise there instead?  Especially when you can target specifically the person, age group, location, gender, income range, interest and so on and so on?  Exactly!  So lets focus our business there and get the traffic stopping at an add that gives value directly to the market that will drive your sales and not a “hit and miss” ad campaign.  Let’s save a bundle of advertising money by controlling your budget daily.

How about tracking it all as well to see where it goes daily instead of tracking annually?

Advertising in today’s New Market is now easier and cheaper than ever.

You just have to follow a plan with a new open mind to how things get done today.eb66ba38842c672438d21d52bce9598f


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