**Ever wonder why contractors are considered a bit unreliable?

Well, in case you were wondering or if you are a contractor and think that this does not apply to you, you are sorely mistaken.  There are reasons and they may not pertain particularly to you personally, but they are industry wide and I see it in the customer’s eyes almost daily when meeting with new clients.

People are surprised when you call ahead, show up on time, perform as promised or even follow up.  I am over trying to convince myself that the industry isn’t considered flaky, because it is. Like it or not, in general, contractors do not run good business and as one guy may offer a quality product, he fails to provide the complete service that is needed or because a customer is skeptical feels that it is acceptable to perform as expected.

There is help.  Many contractors have done business “the old way” for so long that they may not be aware of all of the online services that are designed to help the small businessman.  Everything from office administration, marketing and even scheduling services all for a fraction of the cost of having a full or part time employee on staff.

Make use of the tools that are available not only in the tool box but on the laptop!

Find the help that you need

Construction trade consultation as well as small business focus and marketing coaching.

Tom Sorenson


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