Who are We??

We are a second generation contractor that has been licensed and bonded since 1999.
We have over 20 years experience in General Construction including ground up construction and specializing in Exterior Water Feature and Nature-Scapes of all types. Some of our work has been published and noted as award winning and “second to none” according to Top Pool and Kitchen publications in 2011 and 2012.

We pride ourselves in our efforts to grow the industry by developing contractor and client relations through vigorous trainings in skills and communication as well as encouraging pride of workmanship and an ability to relate to client’s needs within budget and on time.

This has been a huge challenge for the industry as few contractors will admit that there are stereotypes that have been associated to contractors as a whole that labels them as inadequate businessmen as well as poor communicators. Unreliability and undependable are traits that we discourage and challenge the best of the industries experts to address as the industry has been tagged as a whole.
We admit that the industry has too many contractors that are either great at their craft and weak at business or great businessmen but very poor at the trade that they offer.

This creates a huge conflict with the end user, the consumer, and we work diligently with our leads and tradesmen to bridge that gap.

We believe that the industry has some cleaning up to do and we are willing to work towards creating a stronger industry by focusing on training and skills development.

Take a moment to look into our work and read a few of our testimonials as we hire a diverse range of trade contractors and within a short period of time have developed a strong work force to accomplish all of the needs of the client.

Join us in our Quest to build strength in the undustry as a contractor, tradesmen or Cleint.
You will be amazed at the level of professionalism and quality of workmanship that we provide.

Feel free to reply to this blog or send an email with your testimonial as a Client to a Professional at your Craft.
We welcome your input.

Thank you for your interest in HandyFixIt.com

Tom Sorenson


Contractors in General

As a contractor and a construction consumer, We have observed the many dynamics of contracting as a General Contractor and Sub Contractor and come to the conclusion that contractors have a tendency to fall into one of two categories in the contractor business model…
1. Business Professionals – Being very efficient in running an efficient business and failing or falling short when it comes to the production of the work or no trade skills.

2. Trade Professionals – Knowing their trade to perfection and producing excellent pride of work and knowing nothing of business and failing when it comes to the ability to grow or efficiently manage the administrative side of the work.

When a contractor can admit his shortcomings and confess to himself that he may need help in one of these departments, he can then grow and provide the end user (the customer) quality and a complete service.

We have developed a plan that connects the trade contractor and the customer with site specifics and a time frame that is agreeable to everyone. Therefore, the customer has their needs met, and the contractor has a steady work flow and payment arrangements are taken care of.

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