To find a time that is convenient to you, schedule an appointment here with Tom for your inspection time.

To schedule an appointment, select a time and we will call you within 24 hours of the time or sooner to confirm your selected time slot.

Please make sure that you have entered your email and Phone #

If your schedule changes or you are not available at the time originally scheduled, please update the scheduler or call us to re-confirm your desired time.


5 thoughts on “*SCHEDULE an appointment here

  1. Hi! I made a appt for a interview next Friday on the 21st. I am 16, working online to get my diploma. I would just like to know if I would have a chance doing this. Please email me back ASAP. 🙂 thanks.


    1. Yes you can!
      You will do well by getting an early start and create a great head start for college! You will go into college with a business that will work hand in hand with college and will work well with your busy academic schedule.


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